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EEPROM programming Failed on CYUSB3KIT | Cypress Semiconductor

EEPROM programming Failed on CYUSB3KIT

Summary: 4 Replies, Latest post by Madhu Sudhan on 15 Jul 2015 09:30 AM PDT
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NB : I've read all what I've found on the forum regarding the EEPROM programming failed.

Firmware : 'USBBulkLoopAuto' from SDK firmware

Bootloader download of 'USBBulkLoopAuto' to RAM = OK

Post Build step for .img with -i2cconf 0x0E, checked on .img file : first Bytes = 'C', 'Y', 0x0E => seems OK, file size = 96Ko (<128Ko of EEPROM)

Bootloader download from I2C=> BootProgrammer OK => selection of img file (with 0x0E) => Programming of I2C EEPROM failed.

HW:  CYUSB3KIT, EEPROM 24LC1025, Switches & jumpers :

J96=open, J97=2-3, J98=open, SW25 = all off => PMODE[2..0]=Z1Z => I2C, on failure = USB

SW40[1,2,3]=ON,ON,OFF => EEPROM A[2..0]=100 for 24L1025

J45=1-2 (SDA ON FX3), J42=1-2 (SCL ON FX3), J145 = V3P3

Scope : look at I2C activity on SCL/SDA : When I reset the board, there is some activity on I2C : seems normal since I want to boot from EEPROM 1st, and then since nothing is programmed into EEPROM, then the FX3 boot on USB : I see it on the Control Center as a USB bootloader, so far OK.

Then I do Program/FX3/I2C and I select the .img file, and on the scope I don't see any activity on the I2C lines !

I've also tried to put PMODE on Z11 (USB only), reset the FX3 to force it on USB (no I2C activity at all => OK) and to program the EEPROM but same behavior : no I2C activity seen on scope.

Is there a limitation or a bug on Control Center (Versions = CyControl=, CyUSB = or on the BootProgrammer ?


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Still stuck. Anybody from Cypress or other could help me ?


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Can your USB3.0 device re-enumerate using Control Center load the firmware into CYUSB3014's RAM? If it is ok, your EEPROM chip I2C bus has 2K pull up resistors?

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Yes My FX3 device re-enumerates from RAM. Never any problem with that.

And Yes, I'm using the CYUSB3KIT board so the 2 resistors are mounted (and I've checked).

Anyway I see the SDA/SCL signals on the oscilloscope when I boot from PMODE=Z1Z (i2c, on failure USB) so the chip is working at HW point of view.

The thing is it doesn't work with the bootprogrammer : I don't see any SCL/SDA activity on the oscilloscope while attempting to program the I2C EEPROM

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Please create a Tech Support Case.


- Madhu Sudhan

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