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Difference between Cypress and FTDI

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I am a c++ developer who has interfaced with an FTDI FT245RL.  This part allowed me to send "USB bulk" data to it that would appear out the other end to an FPGA.  Our board's FT245RL part has been replaced with a Cypress cy7c68013.

The Cypress part scares me and seems much more complicated than the FTDI... but it is so popular that this must not be true.  Can someone point me to a site/book/document that will get me up to speed?  The ideal place will answer these kinds of questions:

- FTDI part comes with a document for the digital designer (FPGA guy) that includes a pin layout explaining the data bus, the control lines, and a timing diagram.  Where can I find this information for the cy7c68013?

- Why do people seem to call the cy7c68013 by the name "fx2"?

- I use libusb's "bulk rate" messages to send/receive data to/from the FTDI.  How do I do this with the cy7c68013?

- Why does the cy7c68013 seem to require "firmware"?

- How do I (the c++ developer) get the "firmware" to the cy7c68013?

- Where do I find "firmware"?

- Is there "firmware" out there that will make my cy7c68013 behave like an FT245RL?  (Byte-at-a-time bulk rate FIFO)

I don't expect these questions to be answered by anyone here, but I would like to be shown a resource that will enlighten me.


Thank you for your help,


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 Hi Chris,

You should find useful

CY7C68013A is the low power version of FX2 and currently in production.

FX2LP is a generic USB device so you should be able to get it to work with any generic USB driver. It should be able to work with libusb as well.

FX2LP requires a firmware because it is very flexible. That is one big reason why FX2LP is popular.

Please have a look at the application note I pointed you to for a firmware which you can use as starting point. is the technical reference manual. You should find this as well useful.



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Thank you for your reply.  The documents you referred me to indeed appear to be what I am after.  A quick look at the documents shows some topics I am unfamiliar with -- for example at first glance it appears I will be responsible for producing a timing diagram.  (With theFTDI FT245RL FIFO device, the manufacturer gave me the timing diagram to be used for the FPGA interface).

Thank you again, and I look forward to jumping into the Cypress pool with all of you!


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The timing diagram(s) for slave fifo data transfer you will find in the FX2 data sheet:

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