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the demo UartLpRegMode the uart send the '*' 0x00 | Cypress Semiconductor

the demo UartLpRegMode the uart send the '*' 0x00

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 I am learning the  usb3014  

Download the demo the demo UartLpRegMode

the Teraterm print nothing

 the cursor flash very fast  but print nothing  even I input from the key.

I change the software for the uart  use the serial port utility

the uart read  all "*************************" very fast 

when I change to the HEX , I get a lot of"00 00 00 00 00 00 00 "

so why?   Does the demo has some bug  on  the superspeed explorer kit?

How  i can  fix it?


I can read the message from the uart  by use other demo  so  the uart should be ok.

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Hey Liu

The firmware is well tested and there is no such bug reported. I checked the performace right now to verify and no problem here.

Make sure that you are using the default firmware without any modificaiton .

Make sure that the baud field in the COMM terminal is 115200 baud. I used tera term to test, maybe you can also give it a try

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