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CYUSB3KIT-003 dimensions | Cypress Semiconductor

CYUSB3KIT-003 dimensions

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I have purchased a cyusb3kit-003 board and I want to design an extension board for it so it can connect to an fpga board of mine. I'm pressed for time and can't wait for the board to arrive and then measure the board myself ( it takes 3 weeks for it to arrive ). so I seek a document that specifies the board dimensions ( at least the two rectangular connectors' dimensions and spacing ). Can you help me with that.

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For the board dimention in general, you can refer the hardware files of the board. You can get in from the below link. Especially refer the Fabrication Drawing.pdf file in the below package:

For dimentions of the connector part, you can directly refer the dimensions of the interconnection boards we have made for interfacing with the superspeed explorer kit. Below is the link for viewing these boards and their hardware files:


-Madhu Sudhan


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