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CYUSB3014-BZXI USB 3.0 Device | Cypress Semiconductor

CYUSB3014-BZXI USB 3.0 Device

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I am using Cypress'  CYUSB3014 USB 3.0 device controller in my design. I found that the pins L5 & J11 of the device are connected to SRAM_VDD (power rail) in a development kit which used the sama part. My confusion is that whether L5 & J11 are to supply power to the 512 KB embedded SRAM or is it related to 'Boot from GPIF II ASync SRAM mode' as in device's datasheet ? I have attached the development kit (PDF) with this mail. Waiting for your reply.



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Where has it been mentioned that L5 and J11 are powering SRAM?

I'm not able to correlate how you came to this conclusion. Please point to the document you're referring.



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