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CYUSB3011-BZXC stock availability and chip issues | Cypress Semiconductor

CYUSB3011-BZXC stock availability and chip issues

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we have a product designed around the CYUSB3011-BZXC. Last week we were informed by our supplier that Cypress Semiconductor was having issues with the part and that all orders had to be cancelled. What kind of issue are they having with the chip and how long until they expect to start shipping orders again? Are there any suppliers that would have at least 3000 units in stock?


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I would strongly recommend you to create a technical case about your quest. To do so:

At top of ths page select (ot just hoover over) "Support & >Community -> Technical Support -> Create a MyCase"´. Although it may take some time due to different time-zones you WILL get answered.



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 Please get me( your email address so that our marketing team can reach you.

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Dear Mia Baquiran,

It is true that we had some temporary supply-chain issues on FX3, but all of them have been fixed and the part is available with our standard cycle times. I am sorry you received some information on a "quality" issue, which was incorrect. I am also very sorry your orders were cancelled - that was a mistake and we accept complete responsibility for the same. I have also escalated this case to my product line vice president, so that such mistakes never happen in future. Going forward, you should be able to place orders with us directly or via our distribution partners or catalog partners. I will also get in touch with you over the phone in case you don't see this note.



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