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CYUSB202X Questions

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1. What are the differences between the CYUSB2024 and CYUSB2025?

2. Is the Storage Port in the CYUSB202X the same as the Storage Port in the FX3S-series?

3. How is a eMMC programmed for booting when connected to the CYUSB202X? Can the Cypress "cyfwstorprog.exe" tool be used? (the tool documentation only mentions the FX3S not the FX3 SD2 series...)

Does anyone have any ideas on the above?

Many thanks.

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I am also interested in finding out this - I couldn't find anything that specified this in the documentation. Can someone from Cypress please respond?

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 1) CYUSB2025 supports RAID functionality and CYUSB2024 does not.

2) Yes! It is the same.

3) Yes. That tool is used for CYUSB202X parts as well.



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