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CYUSB2014 - Pinout Question

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Thank you for your time in answering this.


Previously I had submitted a question concerning the CYUSB3013 and thank you for answering it.  This time the question pertains to the CYUSB2014 and it's pinout.  I again found an easier to understand pinout of the CYUSB2014 in revision P of the datasheet.  The question comes from the naming an use of 2 pins.  In the USB301X IC pin A2 was used as U3RXVDDQ while B5 was used as U3TXVDDQ .  Now in the USB2014 A2 is labeled as VDD and B5 is labeled as VDD.  Note in the newer datasheet this is shown in the Figure 9, A2 is VDD and B5 is VDD, but Table 7 still lists them as the U3RXVDDQ and U3TXVDDQ. 

So the question is how should A2 and B5 pins be treated in the USB2014 part?  Should they be just another set of VDD pins or should they be treated with their own inductor and special set of capacitors as it outlined in App Note AN70707?  Are they dedicated to the internal USB 2.0 PHY function?  

Thank you

Gary Ellerbusch



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The CYUSB2014 does not use USB 3.0 Phy, so u3txvddq and u3rxvddq can be left unconnected. These power pins do not affect the USB 2,0 phy.


- Madhu Sudhan


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Thank you again for quick response.  So can I keep this connected to 1.2V just for say a possible upgrade path?

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