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cyu30s.h file issue in version 1.2 | Cypress Semiconductor

cyu30s.h file issue in version 1.2

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I am compiling some examples off the web and ran into an issue with the CyU3PDmaBufferFee prototype below found in cyu3os.h. The example code has the return code returning no argument so it's expecting a void. This code has the return type defined as an extern int but in the comments it says it returns nothing. What should it be?

extern int
CyU3PDmaBufferFree (
void *buffer /** );

/** \brief Fill a region of memory with a specified value.

This function is a memset equivalent and is used by the firmware library code.
It can also be used by the application firmware.

**Return value**\n
* None

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Hi Ken,

One change is required to the project starting with SDK 1.2.3: The return type for the CyU3PDmaBufferFree function needs to be changed to int.

This change is noted in the Porting section of the Getting Started guide.

Sai Krishna

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