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CY Super-Speed USBSuit other than Windows? | Cypress Semiconductor

CY Super-Speed USBSuit other than Windows?

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Is there any plan for the FX3 / CYUSB3 driver for Linux?  We believe there are some FX2 designers who would like to migrate design to USB_SS.

Can there be some way Cypress can provide guidance or support for FX3 to work with Linux even through if there might be no offical FX3 non-windows driver release?

Thanks and Regards,


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As far as I know, the current LibUSB support USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. So you should be able to use the FX3 on Linux. On Windows we use the WinUSB generic driver with the FX2 and this driver works very well with the FX3 too, speed is also up to 320MB/s. The WinUSB driver makes no difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 as it is abstracted to the host stack.

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I've used the  LibUSB  driver with the FX3 and while this is within the Windows OS the same driver will work on Linux.


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Could you provide some speed test results under Linux? I only get about 70MBytes/s using Auto_Bulk_Loop firmware. I think it's too slow.

I'm using LibUSB 1.0, Ubuntu & Arch Linux 32Bits/64Bits. And It seems Linux has limited support of burst mode and iso transfer.


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