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CX3 interfacing for MIPI raw12 device | Cypress Semiconductor

CX3 interfacing for MIPI raw12 device

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I am trying to interface a device with MIPI interface to Denebola CX3 board.

I have an issue with the function CyU3PMipicsiGpifLoad that give me a status of 64.

  status = CyU3PMipicsiGpifLoad(GPIF_BUS_WIDTH, CX3_UVC_DATA_BUF_SIZE);

I have used the CX3 config tool to set and generate the project files.

I have initialized the PIB before to launch  CyU3PMipicsiGpifLoad.

GPIF_BUS_WIDTH is 16, and CX3_UVC_DATA_BUF_SIZE is 8176.

Could you pleas give me indications how to solve this issue?

Best Regards.

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Using a debugger in the Denebola CX3 board, after the line    status = CyU3PMipicsiGpifLoad(8,4096); I get  

dmaCfg -->{size = 8192, count = 4, validSckCount = 2, prodSckId = {CY_U3P_PIB_SOCKET_0, CY_U3P_PIB_SOCKET_1, CY_U3P_LPP_SOCKET_I2S_LEFT, 35712}, consSckId = {CY_U3P_UIB_SOCKET_CONS_3, 83, 24576, 17628}, prodAvailCount = 0, prodHeader = 12, prodFooter = 4, consHeader = 0, dmaMode = CY_U3P_DMA_MODE_BYTE, notification = 24, cb = 0x400033e4 <CyCx3UvcAppDmaCallback>}

The status 64 should indicate CY_U3P_ERROR_CMD_NOT_SUPPORTED,             /**< Storage device failed to support required commands. */

Is the Denebola CX3 not recognized and the system behaves as a FX3? I have used the MiPI template cx3config.cycx  to realize the basic application

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