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CX3 – Frequently asked questions - Firmware

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Where can we find the CX3 firmware source code example projects?

               You can find the CX3 firmware example projects as part of the FX3 SDK 1.3.1 or later release.

               These projects can be found in the following folder when FX3 SDK is installed in default path

               C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\cx3_examples

               These example firmware support OmniVision OV5640, Aptina AS0260 image sensors.

               To get the image sensor datasheet, register description, configuration data, one need to sign NDA                        with respective image sensor manufacturer. Cypress is not authorized to provide these image sensor                  documents, configuration data to its customers.


 What all color formats does CX3 support?

CX3 can support any image data format that is up to 24bit wide. For example the RAW, YUV, RGB, JPEG data formats are supported.


Does CX3 can convert RAW images to RGB or YUV formats?

No. CX3 can’t do any image format conversion. To convert image formats an Image Signal Processor (ISP)/FPGA is required and CX3 does not have built-in ISP. An external ISP to be used to convert / compress the image data.


Can CX3 take Audio inputs over the I2S port?

CX3 doesn’t have an I2S input port. But it has an SPI master. So by using an external I2S to SPI bridge, “audio input” devices with I2S port can be interfaced with CX3. CX3 also has an I2S output port to connect “audio output” devices with I2S port


Does CX3 support Boundary Scan using the JTAG port?

No. CX3 Does not support boundary scan feature using the JTAG port. So no BSDL model files are available for CX3. JTAG port is provided only for debugging the ARM processor code in CX3. The JTAG port of CX3 should not be connected to the JTAG chain in customer board.


Where can we find reference schematics for the CX3 Reference design kit (CX3 RDK)?

The Reference design kit for CX3 is manufactured and sold by one of the Cypress design partner “E-con systems”. The CX3 RDK can be bought from their online store using the link below. The CX3 RDK reference schematics can also be downloaded from the download section in the same web page.


What is the maximum resolution supported by CX3?

CX3 can support up to 2.4Gbps (300 MBps) throughput. The formula “bits per pixel x (H resolution + blanking) x (V resolution + vertical blanking) x frames per sec” of the image should not exceed the maximum throughput of 2.4Gbps. For example some of the resolution, frame rate, color format supported by CX3 are given below. This is not the complete list. It is only an example.


1920 x 1080 (FHD) , 30fps in YUV format


1280 x 720p (HD), 60fps in YUV format


3840 x 2160 (uHD, 4k x 2k), 30fps in JPEG format with 6:1 compression


4096 x 2160 (4k native), 30fps in RAW8 format

Note:  To display video from RAW format sensors an external ISP (Image Signal Processor will be required)



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