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CSI-2 I/F with GPIF II? | Cypress Semiconductor

CSI-2 I/F with GPIF II?

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 Hello All,

Is it possible to code up a CSI-2 compatible *output* interface using the GPIF II?


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 GPIF-II is a single-ended parallel interface while CSI-2 is a differential serial one. The voltage levels of CSI-2 are also not compatible with what is possible with GPIF-II.


You will need a parallel-to-CSI-2 converter (like the Toshiba TC358746 for example). These usually accept a parallel image sensor-like output and this is possible in GPIF-II.

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Hi jwestmoreland,


Otherwise you can go for Cx3.




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If you already have a CSI-2 transmitter chip which is capable of receiving parallel input, then YES, GPIF II is capable of meeting its timing requirement.

But if you are trying to output CSI-2 data itself from GPIF II, then its not possible.

Can you please describe your application a little so that we can help you out with more details?




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