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Configuring an FPGA over USB Using FX3 | Cypress Semiconductor

Configuring an FPGA over USB Using FX3

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I need to configure 3 FPGA's flash memories in my system using only one FX3.

I have found the AN84868 but it is related only to bitstream configuration and only toward one FPGA.

Have you any suggestion?

On the Xilinx SP605 DVK there's the CY7C68013A which is used to configure both flash memory and FPGA over JTAG.

Can I do it with the CYUSB3014 as well?


Thank you!

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As you said, we have tested the loading of bit file into the FPGA. We have not tested the programming of Flash that is connected to FPGA.

But if FX2LP can do that, FX3 can do as well.


Sai Krishna.

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The FX2 on the Xilinx boards together with a CPLD works only as a embedded platform cable. You cannot switch directly to FX3 as the firmware for the FX2 and the CPLD is not open source. You have to write your own firmware for programming the flashes via SPI or JTAG. But in this case you do not have any compatibility to Xilinx iMPACT.

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