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Communication between FPGA and CYUSB3014 | Cypress Semiconductor

Communication between FPGA and CYUSB3014

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Now, I have transfer the video data from FPGA to CYUSB3014, and AMCAP could display the video.

However, my video format is flexible, not fixed; how can I send the video format information in a register in FPGA to CYUSB3014 and receive the required video format information, which should be useful in FPGA video processing, from CYUSB3014. Is there any feasible communication method/protocol? Could any interface embedded in CYUSB3014 be used? If any, which is best, UART, SPI or I2C? Or using GPIO is enough?

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Cycad Hsu

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Usually in our example projects, we use the I2C interface between FX3 and Camera (or FPGA) to send / receive video control and other info related data.

You can also use I2C in your applications.


- Madhu Sudhan

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