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chip with USB3.0+A/D+SD interface | Cypress Semiconductor

chip with USB3.0+A/D+SD interface

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I want to have information about your products related to USAB 3.0.
And if there is one which offers a Secure Digital/Memory Stick flash media interface and have SD/SDIO port for accessing memory card.
Added to that, have you a µcontroller with a USB 3.0 Phy and A/D for sending data on the USB 3.0 after A/D conversion.
Thank you.
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We have a west bridge product where you get USB3.0 device interface and SD interface.

But this product does not have any integrated ADCs in it.

But you can interface an external ADCs to this and you can tranfer that data to PC over USB3.0 bus.


sai krishna.

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