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change CyFxUSBProductDscr in cyfxslfifousbdscr.c | Cypress Semiconductor

change CyFxUSBProductDscr in cyfxslfifousbdscr.c

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I changed  CyFxUSBProductDscr in cyfxslfifousbdscr.c as followed code. But I found the Devive management is still found it as FX3 but not FX3AB. I want to know what I need modify ?

const uint8_t CyFxUSBProductDscr[] __attribute__ ((aligned (32))) =
    0x08,                           /* Descriptor size */
    CY_U3P_USB_STRING_DESCR,        /* Device descriptor type */




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if you want to change the device-name which occurs in the device-manager you need to modify the description in the .inf-file of the device-driver you're using.




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Rob, thanks for your reply. But I know the way that modify inf file which can change the device name after the driver installed. What I wanted is change device description when the hardware was found by OS before install the driver. I know it is ok in CY68013 sdk. How can I do this in CYUSB3014?

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You have not increased the size of the descriptor from 0x08 to 0x0C. Note that after you have added A and B, there are 12 bytes now!


- Madhu Sudhan

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