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Cannot find FX3 in Device Manager | Cypress Semiconductor

Cannot find FX3 in Device Manager

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I connected FX3 board to USB3.0 and I am following this link to compile and run an example.

Using EZ USB Suite, I successfully compiled one of the example projects. But I am having trouble with the next step - Installing Drivers. When I open Device Manager, I dont see WestBridge anywhere. In fact, I don't have Other Devices at all. I checked USB controllers and I don't find anything there too!

How do I get the driver to install?




PS: I am on Windows 8, 64 bit machine and I have Cypress SDK installed at: C:/Program Files(x86)/Cypress/EZ-USB FX3 SDK/1.3/


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 when you reset Fx3, do you see device manager refreshing?

can you try connecting FX3 to a different port? May be to a USB 2.0 port?

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