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Can not boot from SPI | Cypress Semiconductor

Can not boot from SPI

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 I have a problem booting from SPI.  I have read similar posts and have tried to go through all of the fixes that have been suggested. So after I program the device and boot up, the part boots as a WestBridge.

Below is what we have done.  

I have also attached is a Logic Analyzer trace ofSPI_Clock just going low for ~180ms during boot and that's it.  I have captured a similar tracing during the programing phase when we program the SPI via USB and I get all signals transistioning correctly.  This seems to be just a boot issue.


The data code printed on the top of the FX3 part is 1207

The Board Rev is Rev 3

The two resistors R246 anf 252 have been removed.

J101, J102, J103, J104 have jumpers on 2-3

PMODE Switch 1 & 2 are off, Switch 3 is on

PMODE0 J96 - 2-3


PMODE2 J98 - 1-2


These boards are about 1 - 1.5 years old.

What should I try next?

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