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Can I reduce the size of code. | Cypress Semiconductor

Can I reduce the size of code.

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I have problems getting rume for my code. The total size of my own program is approx 18K, and it can't incress the size without getting into space trouble.

My current fx3.ld : 

   Descriptor area Base: 0x40000000 Size: 12KB
   Code area       Base: 0x40003000 Size: 180KB
   Data area       Base: 0x40030000 Size: 32KB
   LIBC heap       Base: 0x40038000 Size: 32KB
   Driver heap     Base: 0x40040000 Size: 32KB  (Update cyfxtx.c to change this.)
   Buffer area     Base: 0x40048000 Size: 224KB (Update cyfxtx.c to change this.)

In the map file I can see that some unused modules are linked into my project:

ex.;  (cyu3i2s.o), (cyu3usbhost.o), (cyu3usbotg.o) ...

Can I make dummy for this modules?

Can I reduce the size of my LIBC heap?



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The library source isn't open yet. So tech support (MyAccount -> MyCases) would be the right place to get answers for this query. They would be able to look at the modules and see what exactly is getting added.



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we do not recommend you to do that. There might be some linking problems.


sai krishna.

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Is your build configuration set for Debug or Release. Release reduces the compiled code size.


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