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Can I make python object from cyapi.lib? | Cypress Semiconductor

Can I make python object from cyapi.lib?

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My application was developed by Python and now I want to use FX3 USB suite. My application needs to enumerate our USB device, bind each endpoint with a pipe for specific purpose.  I installed FX3 driver on Win 7,  and tried to  use makepy to generate .py file. But can not find any type library match cyapi.lib or cyusb.dll. Do I have to re-program my project using VC++ in order to use cyapi.lib?  And how can I bind a pipe with a specific endpoint?I didn't find an IOCtrl codes for binding pipe.

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Yes, You have to use VC++ or VC# to use cyapi or cyusb.dll respectively. Cypress is planning to release a Python wrapper for cyusb.dll but the definite timeline is not yet decided.


-Madhu Sudhan

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Hi Madhu,

Has the python library for the cyusb.dll been developed/released as yet? Can you give an update on a schedule if there is one?


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