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c++ Streamer application fails over USB 3.0 | Cypress Semiconductor

c++ Streamer application fails over USB 3.0

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Hi Everyone,

We are using RAID-on-Chip reference board that has FX3S controller. We are successfully able to use default "Bulk Streamer" firmware with default "C++ Streamer" host application over USB 2.0 interface.

When we try same firmware and connected the board with USB 3.0 ports it does not appear in device manager. After trying with different USB 3.0 host controllers it sometimes appears on one single port only (Intel (R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller, Driver version

It enumerates as USB 3.0 device, which we verified using "USB Control Center application" and another third party USBview application. However, the C++ Streamer application fails with error code : 0xc000000d. Also, "USB Control center" application does not seem to transfer anything over both (IN and OUT) endpoints. Error code: 997.

Do we need to change default firmware or default application to use USB 3.0 functionality of cypress FX3S controller ?

If not, then can anyone suggest what might be the issue ?

This is really urgent so any help would really be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Harpreet,

I believe you are interacting with one of our engineers already through a support case.

Please update this thread when you find a resolution/workaround.

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