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Boot from flash

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I have my code running and I want to download a burn it into flash on eval board and I have some questions.


Do I need to change the PMODE jumpers before or after programming?

If I screw something up, am I going to blow the boot code that normally runs or is that burned into the device?  The reason for this is that the PMODE jummpers are 1FF right now (Default) so if I download to i2c can I over write the boot rom data thats their?  I am just paranoid about bricking my board.



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PMODE doesn't matter for programming the I2C or SPI flash.

With regards to the hardware bootloader, it is frozen on the chip. You won't be able to overwrite it, even accidentally :D




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Beware that the EEPROM on the dev board is very small.  What size is your IMG file?

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