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Behavior of CY_U3P_DMA_TYPE_AUTO_SIGNAL | Cypress Semiconductor


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 I have a callback to count Tx buffers on slfifo transactions.   In this mode, we're just interested in a quick count so we can set a flag when the transaction is done.

What I find however, is that the callback doesn't get called as often as it should.  e.g, I transfer 2048 bytes and each buffer is 512 bytes.  I'll see the count end up 512 or 1024 but probably not 2048 even though the buffer was transferred successfully.

So the question is.. isn't the AUTO_SIGNAL mode supposed to notify you for EVERY buffer as long as you're keeping up?  We're not doing much more than adding the buffer count to a total so it doesn't seem like keeping up would be the issue.

We're still on api 1.2.3 since I have other issues with 1.3.1 that I haven't overcome yet.  I'm not sure if that would make a difference.

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 Its possible that a PROD_EVENT was sent to the CPU just when either a previous event was being serviced or that the CPU is doing something else. You can try sending larger chunks of data to reduce the frequency of these events.


You can also test in Release mode and see if that helps.

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