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Application note on how to get optimum USB 3.0 throughput | Cypress Semiconductor

Application note on how to get optimum USB 3.0 throughput

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Hi all,


Please refer to the new application note ( which provides details on how to get the optimum USB 3.0 throughput, changes required in the firmware and the factors affecting the throughput. Also find the attached firmware example codes which demonstrate the maximum throughput.

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I need to stream 300+ MB/s from the fx3 itself  to a Linux host with a Renesas controller. I don't need to stream any real data. Pushing all 0's or some other pattern is fine.

I had a couple of questions related to my use case:

1. Can the maximum rates mentioned in this article be achieved without attaching another device to the GPIF? ... just having the fx3 itself generate 300-400 MB/s.

2. The article mentions only being able to achieve 172,000 KB/s with Linux and Renesas. Which Linux kernel version was used for testing? Where is the transfer size limit of 800 KB defined in the kernel? Is there a reason why it's only 800 KB, or can it readily be increased without other side effects or complications?



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Hi, I acheive 312,000 kb/s from host to FX3 and 370,000 kb/s from FX3 to host on Ubuntu. I used bulk source sink firmware example with 16 burst length and 2 48kb DMA buffers, although cypress contol center for linux shows max packet size for endpoints 1024 bytes so I'm not sure if burst length actually change something for linux apps. I have Intel onboard USB 3.0 controller. Also, I have FX3 worked with packet size 1024kb, but speed was the same as with 800kb packets.

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Hi Vicentiu,

The answer to your first question is Yes.

I will check your second question with the author and update you.


sai krishna.

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