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AN77960 USB OTG HOST Problems | Cypress Semiconductor

AN77960 USB OTG HOST Problems

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 Hello, There is a FX3 chip on my own PCB Board. Unlike the FX3 DVK DEVICE BOARD Schematic, there is no U3 and U8 chip on my PCB. When I run the AN77960 Example, i connect the VBUS pin with power ground and after that quickly  connect the VBUS pin to power 5V manually. After l do these, the program is halted on  CyU3PAbortHandler function or CyU3PApplicationDefine function(cyfxtx.h). what can i do to slove this problem?  


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If the program is getting stuck in CyU3PApplicationDefine() or CyU3PAbortHandler(), then it is unlikely to be a hardware related issue.

Are you using the default USBHost example project?

I recommend you create a tech support case to track this issue.




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