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"AN65974" firmware flag problem | Cypress Semiconductor

"AN65974" firmware flag problem

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 I am testing the slavefifo-synchronization mode using the example code "AN65974", stream_In. But after I program FX3 with the img file "SF_streamIN.img". I find that the flag is always "0". That makes me cann't write data to Fx3. So why this problem happened. I give "00" to the address signal.


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Are you using the project files of AN65974 as it is or is it modified? Please attach the project here if there are any modifications to it.

Are you using the FX3 DVK to test this demo projects or is it a custom board?.

If you are testing the project files without any modification on the FX3 DVK then please check the Jumper J100 on the FX3 DVK. Please make sure that you connect a jumper between 1 and 2 of J100. J100 is the GPIO[21] signal which is configured as FLAG A in this project.



Sai Krishna.


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