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Add a deterministic state transition when I customize AN75779? | Cypress Semiconductor

Add a deterministic state transition when I customize AN75779?

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Hi Cypress,

I am trying to customize the AN75779 to add in controls like snapshot or series of shots. 

I use FPGA as data source in place of the image sensor. The current UVC state machine runs continuously. 

When I implement a snapshot routine, is the following feasible? 

1) IIC_Write to FPGA to stop FV/LV, Disable GPIF with CyU3PGpifDisable

2) CyFxUvcAppGpifInit, CyU3PDmaMultiChannelReset, and CyU3PUsbFlushEp

3) CyU3PDmaMultiChannelSetXfer, CyU3PGpifSMStart at START_SCK0

​4) IIC_Write to FPGA to capture frame and activate FV/LV into FX3. 


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Yes, you can implement these in the FX3 firmware once you get any trigger/control. You need to check the status of the control, on which you can send I2C commands to FPGA and disable the GPIF. You can do a channel reset and start to capture the image. Please try and let us know if you get stuck anywhere. You can create a tech support case for further assistance 

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