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The action 'DR_ADDR'

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I use the 'DR_ADDR' and use the 'threadsocket' as the address source.In the GPIF II designer project,i use 'DMA_RDY_ADDR' to check where the address source is valid,but i do not know how to give some address words to  address source in the firmware project.

Please tell me


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You have selected Thread 0 as the address source in your State machine. In the firmware, you need to have a DMA Channel in which you can send the Address to Thread 0.

Assume there is DMA Channel between a USB Producer Socket and Thread 0. If you send 0x00 from the USB EndPoint, you will get the value 0x00 on the Thread 0 which will be used by the DR_ADDR.

However, we recommend you to use ordinary GPIOs instead of Address pins and use DR_GPIO action as it is more convenient.

Please refer our GPIF Master example project in AN87216 Application Note.


-Madhu Sudhan

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Hi,thanks for say use the thread 0,but in 'gpif2_designer_userguide.pdf' has 'Available only when number of address bits is set to 0' and i set the address number is 8.Is it affect? And you say i can use DR_GPIO,but how can i give some words to these pins?

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