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About AN75779 -- produce socket

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Hi guys,

     Through the AN75779,   the producer socket chosen 2 sockets (PIB_1,PIB_2),  and from page  6  said "For only one socket implementation, the first requirement
from the requirements section can fail at buffer boundaries
if the buffers are not a multiple of line length. "

    but from "requirements section" , I also can not found why failed . why chosen 2 sockets , I think 1 socket is enough .


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Let say if you have a single producer socket and you assigned multiple buffers of 'X'KB each.

Image sensor just pushes the data out with no flow control. 

You need to decide the buffer size ('X' KB) based on the amount of data that you get in a line. DMA buffer should be capable of holding a single line or multiple lines of data so that socket can switch to next DMA buffer during the line blanking period. If these things are aligned then you can implement this design with single socket as well. Otherwise, you lose data during buffer switching period. This data per line and the line blanking period may change from one configuration to other. Then you need to change the buffer size accordingly. To avoid this dependency and to make it work for different configurations, we used two sockets. socket switching does not require any delay and it will happen in a single clock cycle.

I hope this explanation clears your doubt. Please let me know if not.


Sai Krishna.



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