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About AN75779 example

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I have downloaded AN75779 example, which is a UVC example to stream the camera frames over USB. It is working fine. This exmaple is streaming the data through Bulk endpoints in both high speed and super speed.

Is there any example to stream through Isochronous endpoints?



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There is a USBVideoClass example project that comes with the FX3 SDK uses the ISO endpoints.

You can use this as a reference for your project.


sai krishna.

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I tried this before but it did not work... I am not sure what is wrong with my code.

I think there are some modification must be done about endpoint setting.

Or is there any other modification must be done?

Should I change GPIF setting also?





/* UVC Video Streaming Endpoint Packet Size */

#define CY_FX_EP_BULK_VIDEO_PKT_SIZE    (0x400)  /* 1024 Bytes */



/* Video Streaming Endpoint descriptor */

  0x07,                           /* Descriptor size */

  CY_U3P_USB_ENDPNT_DESCR,        /* Endpoint descriptor type */

  CY_FX_EP_ISO_VIDEO,             /* Endpoint address and description */

  5,        /* ISO end point : Async */

    0x00,   /* EP MaxPcktSize: 1024B */

    0x04, /* EP MaxPcktSize: 1024B */

  0x01,                           /* Servicing interval for data transfers */


   /* Super speed endpoint companion descriptor */

   0x06,                           /* Descriptor size */

   CY_U3P_SS_EP_COMPN_DESCR,       /* SS endpoint companion descriptor type */

   CY_FX_EP_BULK_VIDEO_PKTS_COUNT-1, /* Max no. of packets in a burst : 1 */

   0x00,                           /* Mult.: Max number of packets : 1 */

   0x00,0x40                       /* Bytes per interval : 1024x16 */



    /* Video Streaming Endpoint configuration */

    endPointConfig.enable = 1;

    endPointConfig.epType = CY_U3P_USB_EP_ISO;

    endPointConfig.pcktSize = CY_FX_EP_BULK_VIDEO_PKT_SIZE;

    endPointConfig.isoPkts = ISO_PKT_PER_MICRO_FRAME;

    endPointConfig.burstLen = CY_FX_EP_BULK_VIDEO_PKTS_COUNT;

    endPointConfig.streams = 0 ;



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