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3rd flag for slavefifo configuration | Cypress Semiconductor

3rd flag for slavefifo configuration

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AN65974 states that up to 4 flags/threads can be configured for slavefifo GPIF II.

How do I configure a 3rd flag besides FLAGA and FLAGB?

How can I assign a dedicated FX3 PIN for it?

My project is derived from the synchronous slave fifo example project of the 1.0 SDK.



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Sorry, off-topic: Your username didn't let me sleep! What is behind that number???

Happy Gödeling


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This is no problem. You have to change the GPIF registers in the header file:



PIB_GPIF_CTRL_BUS_SELECT[0...15] for each control pin

Take a look into the gpif_regs.h for register content. I changed the control(6) in my slave fifo to output the full flag additional to the partial full flag. It works well.

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Hi Chris,

thanx a lot !

It seems to work well. I used CTRL9.



@Bob: Obviously my nickname was a generated one. No magic afaik ..

I fixed it now. I hope  you will have a better sleep now ;-)

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