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QDR Consortium

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QDR Consortium

QDR (Quad Data Rate™) SRAMs are a family of SRAMs with separate Inputs and Outputs that each operate at Double Data Rates and are optimized for High Performance Networking Applications 

In 1999, the QDR SRAM Co-Development Team was created to define a new family of SRAM architectures 

for high-performance communications applications. Participating companies work closely together to ensure multiple sources for the new QDR SRAMs by developing pin- and function-compatible products. The QDR family of SRAM & products incorporates extensive input from networking industry leaders. QDR SRAM devices have two ports running independently at twice the rate of conventional synchronous memories, resulting in four data items per clock cycle. The QDR SRAM family of products includes Quad Data Rate and Double Data Rate common and separate I/O definitions. Depending on the application, products in the QDR SRAM family can more than double SRAM device efficiency per pin.

Click on the link below to access the QDR consortium website :

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