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Depth Expansion CY7C1564XV18 | Cypress Semiconductor

Depth Expansion CY7C1564XV18

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Looking at the application example @, I see two memories that are connected to all of the same ports, but I do not see separation of the port select lines - should there be two copies of these port select lines, one for each chip, to enable depth expansion? It looks like the setup in the application note will cause problems... have I just not had coffee yet?

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Hi Travis,


Nice to hear back from you!


The application example shown in the datasheet is for WIDTH EXPANSION that is why it has common select lines.

For example, you can get x72 data bus width by using two x36 devices with this setup.


But if we would like to go for DEPTH EXPANSION then of course, we need to have different selection lines (read/write) for each memory to select one of them.






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 Hi Pritesh!

Yes, that makes complete sense, thank you! 

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