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CY7C1470V25 orcad symbol | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C1470V25 orcad symbol

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I'm looking for CY7C1470V25 orcad symbol and can't find it anywhere.... can you direct me to it?


Thank you



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Cypress Employee
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Hi Hanan,

The device CY7C1470V25 is available in 2 different packages.

1. 100 pin TQFP: CY7C1470V25-200AXC

2. 165 ball FBGA: CY7C1470V25-200BZXC and CY7C1470V25-200BZI

To provide you the orcad symbol we would like to know package information. Please let us know the complete MPN of the part CY7C1470V25 that you are using.

Thanks and Regards,


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