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CY7C09389V Internal Organization | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C09389V Internal Organization

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Can anyone tell me what the internal (physical) configuration of the C7C09389 is?

The external interface is 64K x 18 but I imagine that the internal memory array is probably something more 'square'.

We have had a very rare failure in one of our systems that is hard to recreate, and I am trying to determine if we might be occastionally violating some internal boundary condition.  The error has a pattern to it, and this may give me a clue as to the cause.


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Hi Jbock,

Thanks for using the Cypress Developer Community to get in touch with us.

Since you are seeing a device failure, we request you to create a technical support case at
This will help us understand the failure better and provide the support you require.
Please let us know if you have any difficulty in creating the Tech support case.

Thanks & Regards,

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