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query about the kit cy3214-psoc eval USB | Cypress Semiconductor

query about the kit cy3214-psoc eval USB

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I am using cypress cy3214- psoc eval usb evaluation kit with the device cy8c24094-24AXI 0607 and device family 24X94.

I am unable to program this ic as i am not finding the device name cy8c24094-24AXI 0607 under the device family 24x94.

i dont have any datasheet or pin diagram of this board and device cy8c24094-24AXI 0607.

Hence its a request to reply to the above query and send the respective datasheet and related documents.

Thank and regards


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Hello Gnanajyothi,

The device on the CY3214 board is a master device for the CY24x94 family with debugging capacity. This device will support all the devices from the 24x94 family like CY8C24794, 24894, 24994 etc. When you program the device, use the device that you have in your project. For example, if you have created the project for 24794, select 24794 in the programmer and you will be able to program the board.

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Hello Gyanjyothi,

As Ganesh said it is an On Chip Debugger (OCD) part capable of emulating the functionality of any part from CY8C24x94 family. While creating a project consider this device the one which you are interested in.

Also, the pin configuration of this device can be found in the device datasheet of CY8C24x94 family. If you are interested in the documentation of the CY3214 then you can get the schematic diagram from CY website.



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