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implementation of a/d converter

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can i implement an a/d converter by using firsttouch kit,psoc express,psoc designer

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Yes. PSoC devices are very powerful in that there are a plethora of digital and analog functions that you can implement such as ADCs, PWMs, PGAs, Counters, and many more. Download PSoC Designer and learn what functions are available.

The FirstTouch Kit specifically does use an ADC for the variety of sensors show cased in the kit to probe temperature, ambient light, capacitive touch-sensing, etc.

Thanks for your question!


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I want to program cypress CY8C21234 using cypress first Touch 3270.

I have some quarries :

1. what is the minimum connection require?

2.Can I able to Program cypress CY8C21234 using cypress first Touch 3270?

3.when I try to program one message is come "device ID 00 FF 01 FF is not

in Data base" What's the meaning of these?

Please suggest me how to solve the problem.

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I have provided a response for you in the forum on datalogging from the fist touch kit.

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