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Clarification Request

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I bought the starter kit and environmental sensing kit some time ago (2008) and I sat down with some time off to get going on it.

I  have updated all of the software and tried to follow the getting started course , but it does not match the environment that I have.

I see that on PSoc Designer 5.0 startup it says that System level designer is going to be discontinued.  Is anything replacing it?

When I first started it, I do not recall seeing the folders for drivers, and there was no option for System editor in the View pulldowns.

I installed the beta of PSoc Creator from the software downloads.

Now when I started PSoC Designer, the drivers are there and I have the System Editor available in the views.  Is it there because I installed PSoc Creator, or should it have been there before?

Can I interface my FirstTouch starter kit to the outside world?  I wanted to try a simple exercise of interfacing the light sensor on the starter kit board to an I2C based LCD display that I have and showing the readings on the LCD.

Please let me know if I can do that and where I should look for information to help me set that up. 

I bought this because it was supposed to be easier than writing all the code and design stuff myself!!


Please help

Tim Vukman

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