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A cheaper PSoC 1 debugger - the CY3215A-DK | Cypress Semiconductor

A cheaper PSoC 1 debugger - the CY3215A-DK

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Low-cost PSoC 1 Debugger Kit – CY3215A-DK launched at $75 lower than CY3215-DK!

We have launched a new low cost PSoC 1 debugger kit “CY3215A – DK In-Circuit Emulation Lite Development Kit”. It is a self-sufficient debugging kit to debug PSoC 1 based applications when used with PSoC 1 development kits that have an OCD (On-Chip Debugger) device. However, to debug an end-system, either an OCD device should be used or a POD kit should be purchased. PSoC 1 Kit Selector Guide helps selecting an appropriate POD kit.

This kit is open for order at a price of $225.00. For more details follow the link CY3215A-DK.

Following table shows the difference in the content between the CY3215-DK and the CY3215A-DK:

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