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psoc_designer_5.3 install question | Cypress Semiconductor

psoc_designer_5.3 install question

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        While I attempt to install the software psoc_designer_5.3.exe, error always happens.

       The error information is following:
       This installer is unable to download installation information. Please check your proxy and internet connection and try again.
       Error 配置系统未能初始化  while downloading file 103_install_catalog_v3.xml from url link.
       Now I can connect to internet normally. And my colleague can install this software at the same LAN.
       I try to close all the safety protected software and system firewall, but install failed too.
      Please help me focus the problem and tell me how to solve it.


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Trying to donwloading the installation package(the 740MB ISO file) and install from cyautorun file is an alternative which might resolve the problem.



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Some time ago I had a similar problem, so I downloaded Designer 5.3 from  , de-installed 5.2 and then installed 5.3. All went well.


Happy downloading



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Just a FYI, there is no need to uninstall a prior version of Designer,

a number of us have all versions back to 4.4 and earlier coexisting

on our system and they work fine. Same is true for Creator if you

ever work on PSOC 3/5.


Regards, Dana.

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