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PSoC Designer 5.1 - Workspace vs Project - what's the point? | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC Designer 5.1 - Workspace vs Project - what's the point?

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I am organising my work at the moment as a number of projects inside a single workspace (rather like Eclipse one would think).

However, because of the following observations, I wonder what the point of workspaces is.

1. Every time I open the workspace, all the projects are loaded (taking quite a long time, even on a 7 core W64 machine).

2. There is no way (as far I can determine) of not opening projects within a workspace when the workspace is opened.

3. Most annoyingly, the arrangement of the projects when the workspace is closed (i.e. which one is the 'active' project, which files/views are open and the sizes and positions of the windows) is forgotten when it's next opened. It seems to revert to the last added project being the active one and loads ALL the design windows as well as some arbitrary collection of source files.

4. There appears to be no difference in opening the top .app file, or the .cmx file of a particular project or the  .soc of a particular project - the whole shebang is done all over again whichever one is opened!

For me this is getting worse and worse as I add my 13 projects to my workspace - please tell me there are improvemnets to this in the pipeline :) -- or that I need to do something to make it all work as it should.

I am running on Windows 7 (64 bit)

Regards, Tim

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I would like this one to be open for discussion. What do other users think about the subject workspace versus projects? How useful is the distinction and the current setup for you? For sure I know that is not an immediate thing to change but it would be good to get additional input for a future software structure


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 I'm trying to figure this out as well.  What I've been doing is open up one of my old projects, do a Save Workspace As... and save the workspace with the name of the system (eg. SolarCollector).  This not only renames the workspace, but also my project.  Then I create a new project (add it to the current workspace) and clone the renamed project so that I can add a version ID (eg. SolarCollector_V203).  This way I can have all the versions of the system's firmware in one workspace.  However, I can't figure out how to then get rid of the project that, in my examples, would be called SolarCollector.  I've tried deleting just the folder SolarCollector>SolarCollector, but then I can't load the workspace.  It seems that there is always going to be a project that has exactly the same name as the workspace.

What I'm looking for:

I want to name my workspace "SolarCollector", then have all the projects be "SolarCollector_V203", "SolarCollector_V204", etc.

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