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New to Psoc Designer and would like to step code | Cypress Semiconductor

New to Psoc Designer and would like to step code

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I've just received the PSoC development kit complete with Miniprog3.  The sample applications build and program nicely.

I would like to set some break points, step code and view data.  Is there an application note or training aid for learning these basic skills in the Designer IDE?  I found one training link but it mentions the need for an ICE (not included with the development kit).  I am looking for basic break points and data viewing using the MiniProg3 and do not require full in circuit emulation.

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If the chip you use is PSoC1, you need special chip for debugging which connects to the club. The programmer can only program the chip.

If the chip you want to use is PSoC3/5, they the minprog 3 can be use for debugging when using with PSoC creator.

There are on line trainnning for both the PSoC designer and the PSoC creator from Cypress's web site.

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Could you let us know which kit you are using. If it is a PSoC1 kit and if the device is a PSoC1 device, you will need an external denugging circuit called ICE for setting breakpoints and viewing the memory and so on. However if its a PSoC3 device all you need is just the Miniprog3 in order to debug your application.

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