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Need help on fetaure extraction using PSoC | Cypress Semiconductor

Need help on fetaure extraction using PSoC

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    Am a final year student  currently working on a project titled 'EMG Based Pattern Recognition System for Prosthetic Hand'. I have the acquisition part ready and i was wondering if it s possible to do the feature extraction and classification part with PSoC(Evaluation kit-CY8C29466).

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if you ask the question without any specifics, there is little chance you will get any specifics in the answer. I am assuming you are not talking about the sensor interface but about the DSP part where you need to eliminate most of the noise.

I am not an expert for medical applications, the signals I usually deal with have higher amplitudes and less noise but I do know that only specifc questions yield good answers.


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 like the above contributor mentioned,some more details will help us help you :-)

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