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Missing user modules in Designer 5.0 and 5.1... (DMX512Rx) | Cypress Semiconductor

Missing user modules in Designer 5.0 and 5.1... (DMX512Rx)

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I am using both this...

Service Pack 5.5 - Build 985 - Jul 24, 2009

and this...

PD5.1 (Beta2)- Build 1657 - 08-June-2010.12:28:44

Neither one of them has the DMX512Rx user module available in the "Digital Comm" section of the user module library.  Both versions have CRC16 and then EzI2Cs, but skip the DMX512Rx UM.  I looked around for a way to "update user modules", but couldnt find anything.  I also searched Cypress's site for "missing user modules" and "updating user modules", but found nothing.

Thank you!


Steve French


President, Volt Vision


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Please be informed that DMX user module is not supported in CY8C29666. The devices which support DMX are:

Hence please select the above mentioned part to place the DMX user module. Hope this helps you. Please let me know if i can go ahead and close this case

Sai Prashanth
Applications Engineer.

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Thank you very much for your response!!  Cypress support truly is awesome!!


Steve French

President, Volt Vision

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Dear Steve,


Then why it is written CY8C29x66 is written in this datasheet?





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Aceleci, this is a nearly two year old thread, it might be advisable to start a new one.

What exactly is your question? Can you please be a bit more specific.


Hope to be of any help


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