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LVD :low voltage detect | Cypress Semiconductor

LVD :low voltage detect

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how to enable the LVD interruput?and how to revise the LVD ISR

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For enabling the LVD interrupts you have to set the LVD level either from the device editor or from VLT_CR register. For enabling the interrupt you have to set the LSB of INT_MSK0 register. This bit is responsible for enabling the interrupts for LVD.

For revising the LVD ISR, you have to place a jump or a call instruction to the self defined ISR placed in assembly or C language. For placing the LJMP or CALL instruction you should modify the boot.tpl. Modifying the contents in boot.tpl will preserve the contents even when the project code is regenerated.

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 This is great!  Thank you for your answer.  It was just what I was looking for.

I have a battery operated application.  I plan on using the LVD to flag weak or dead batteries.


Best Regards,


Bill Grimm

Avorex Design

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This might be useful as well, also has LVD info -    AN32200


Regards, Dana.

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