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Lost toolbar from PSoC Designer Software | Cypress Semiconductor

Lost toolbar from PSoC Designer Software

Summary: 3 Replies, Latest post by Pushek Madaan on 27 Nov 2009 12:33 PM PST
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I have lost the Toolbar in my PSoC Designer Software. I am using the newer version of PSoC Designer 5.0 sp4. Please give me some advice about recover the toolbar.

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Maybe the toolbars got disabled accidentally. Try opening the Tools >> Customize menu and select all the toolbars again.

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Please try uninstalling PSoC Designer from your system. After that delete a folder in the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\(Your user name folder)\Application Data\Cypress_Semiconductor

Delete the PSoC Designer folders in this location.

Then try reinstalling the PD5.0 from the cypress website after following the installation instructions on the website carefully.

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If you can provide a snapshot then it would be great. Also, it is recommended to upgrade to SP6 as a lot of bugs has been fixed in this release. So, I think that it is a good time to migrate to PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6

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