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Hex (4x4) Keypad Driver | Cypress Semiconductor

Hex (4x4) Keypad Driver

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The Hex (4x4) Keypad Driver will not build using PSoC Developer 5.0 (SP2) and PSoC Developer 5.0 (SP3) while developing at the System Level. But it will build with PSoC Developer 5.0 (SP1)

What happens is when you try and Generate/Build a current project it fails to either auto assign pins for you or fails to allow you to assign pins.

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I have informed about this bug to the PSoC Express team. I will try to find if we can get some workaround for this.

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I'm finishing my tesis and I need the code of a keypad using C not Assembler... Can you help me??.. I appreciated any assitance..


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We are no more supporting System Level Designs in PSoC Designer. Could you please confirm me whether you are using System level design or Chip level design?



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