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Guid to use BCP I2C-USB | Cypress Semiconductor

Guid to use BCP I2C-USB

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Hi to all, I'm trying to use the bridge control panel for my board. I have connected the BCP to my PC & board as I2C slave.

While doing it I do not know the commands to work through. I know I ought to fiddle on it, in that condition please help me with right path to it. Say the boosts BCP will give me understanding & monitoring the operations on board with I2C.

Put anything that describes the procedure, putting commands & retrieving there outcomes. Monitoring all the parameters like Raw counts, Finger threshold, Baseline etc.


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For a standard installation you can find under C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Programmer\Bridge Control Panel several .iic files which contain commented command sequences. I'm afraid you'll have to figure out what you need yourself.

Take care for the address, it is given afaik as 8-bit address with the R/W-bit at the LSB position.



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