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Global vs Local Variables

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Having recently discussed the use of global and local variables with Dana, I could not help but writing a bit of explanation for those who are not so experienced in the matter. Have a look at the attached document.


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Global variables are convenient but,
Software engineering said,
Should be decrease using of Global variables.
I'm used to do this strategy.

In case of PSoC1
Some additional considerations are needed, I think.

1) In interruption handler
Have to use PAGE0 RAM area (it's better).
And use VOLATILE statement with global variable.

2) If need to keeping value
Use a static variable as possible,
It behaves like a local variable.

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Global vs Static Variables, attached.


Regards, Dana.

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The linked document concerning performance of local variables does not take into account that we here with PSoCs have different architectures. Take the PSoC3 where we have a lot (more than 2) of different memory areas with different access models and the situation that the stack is not usable for local var allocation. Here we have (again: "normally") no difference between global and local vars. Looking at the PSoC1 core which comes with just two registers there IS a difference between the performance of bank0-, bankN vars and locals. PSoC5 has got a modern core where there are no differences between memory accesses on the stack or in SRam.




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